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 I’m a 20-something designer, craftswoman, and visual communicator currently living and working in Nashville, TN. I graduated from Watkins College with a BFA in graphic design, and I currently work as a designer at a pretty awesome ad agency in town. I’ve been lucky to work on a wide variety of clients from large, international brands, to small, local businesses. I’m passionate about doing great work and having a good time while doing it. If I’m not designing, I’m usually reading some absurdly large novel, playing some video game, or dining at my favorite local restaurants. If you want to work together, or just get some advice on the best local Nashville eateries, get in touch



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There’s nothing I love more than sitting in a comfy chair on a rainy day and reading a good book. So when the opportunity arose to develop a brand strategy for a make-believe company, I naturally chose a book shop. Bookish is designed to be a book shop for the literary lover. Bookish carries special editions of beloved and renowned books, organizes bookbinding workshops, and hosts book clubs and author lectures. I wanted to make sure the branding reflected the uniqueness of the shop itself.

Bookish is a response to the impersonal nature of large chain book stores. Bookish aims to make the shopping experience a more personal and memorable experience. Bookmarks are handmade, books are packaged in special wrapping paper, tied with twine, and customers are attended to with great care. Every detail was taken into consideration in order to make Bookish a viable and memorable branding project.

The Golden Age of Couture


was fortunate enough to see this fashion exhibition when it came through Nashville just a few years ago. It was a truly breath-taking exhibit; every piece was perfectly crafted and looked just as beautiful and stylish now as it did decades ago. Our design class was tasked with creating a brochure for a museum exhibit, so I jumped at the chance to remagine The Golden Age of Couture. The collection is on permanent display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, so I chose to explore it within that context. I wanted the brochure to explore some of the highlights of the exhibition, as opposed to the entire thing; I didn’t want this to be a redundant experience.

I chose to let the imagery stand out. Too frequently museum brochures contain tiny snippets that are difficult to see. The format was a response to the brochure I had when the exhibition was in Nashville. It was tall and narrow, difficult to keep open and most of the content was too close to the gutter making for an awkward user experience. I chose a wide and short format; it sits more comfortably in the users’ hands and has enough room to contain all of the neccessary content without feeling cramped. The cover, like the exhibit itself, is unique, galmorous, and sophiscated. It doesn’t distract from the experience, but only makes it more precious and memorable.

Hops & Brews


There are plenty of beers out on the market, but there are only a few that are local and organic. With that in mind, I wanted to create a tongue-in-cheek beer brand that focused on growing their own ingredients all while supporting local restaurants and organizations. The name focuses on what they do best; growing their own hops to make uniquely local flavored brews. I wanted to hand-draw the logo to give it an organic and earthy aesthetic. The logo itself sits on an abstracted hop, an homage to the brand’s unique identity. The colors are bright and fun, aimed at attracting the attention of the customer. The individual beers themselves have fun titles based on typical beer flavors and puns.
Beer marketing lends itself to being more fun than serious, so I got creative with it. The names are also meant to be a marketing tool, attracting attention and laughter. Included in the branding campaign is a tablet and mobile application that would help customers find bars and stores where Hops & Brews is sold, give them information about the specific beers, and inform them of daily tours at the brewery. Keeping everything consistent and on-brand was a challenge, but proved to be a valuable learning experience.

Agency Cover Photos

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I work at a pretty sweet agency in town. I always have fun, but sometimes, they let me have extra fun and create and art direct shoots for the GS&F Facebook cover photos.


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