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Holler & Dash Biscuit House

Holler & Dash needed a fun, quirky website that reflected their creative menu and general vibe. I wanted to keep the site clean, but still maintain H&D’s fun personality.

Online menus tend to be difficult to read (why are they always PDFs?!), and I wanted to make sure that an online customer could easily navigate the menu from any device. I approached the project mobile-first, and worked alongside the dev team to make sure the site would launch quickly and seamlessly.

The site features a cool animated gif, some quirky woodblock illustrations, and pictures of delicious food. If you’re in the Alabama area, check them out!

HVAC Service Tech App

Carrier Services Inc. came to us and wanted us to audit their existing HVAC service technician apps. They had about 10 different apps floating around, and needed our recommendation for how to consolidate those apps. Each one covered a small portion of the service technician process, meaning a technician would have to toggle between several apps within a session. In addition, the apps they had were overall hard to use and had poorly thought-out logic. I had about a month to audit, sketch, prototype, and test the app before presenting it to the Carrier team. I devised a simplified solution where a technician could look up a product by model number or by product type. From there they could access all related information, including specific calculators and tools, related literature, and warranty information. It features a ton of information and content, but everything is simply categorized and organized so the technician can easily access exactly what they need. There’s also a feature centered around ordering parts from a selected distributor, and replacing outdated parts.

It’s always nerve wracking to test an app that’s targeted towards a very niche audience who is very knowledgable about a specific topic. Fortunately, this ended up being one of the best rounds of prototype testing I’ve ever done. Every technician I interviewed loved the app and the idea, and couldn’t wait for it to be launched. It’s currently being developed by a third party, so I included a style guide here, which was a small portion of my handoff documents.

If you’re interested, you can see the original prototype I designed and tested here.

Snippets of Work

I have some work that hasn’t wrapped up just yet, or I helped with a small portion of it. Until I can officially put together a case study, I can at least show you some fun stuff I’ve done! 😎

Commuter App Prototype

Nashville has grown like crazy in the past few years, which means traffic has gotten waaaaaay worse. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of mass transit options available. There are currently plans in place to expand the city’s infrastructure within the next 20 years, but there’s nothing currently to help the congestion.

A local design thinking group put together a series of meetups to help brainstorm solutions to the commuter problem. A few of us at work got together to develop a prototype we could test at one of the meetups. After a few quick sessions we each sketched up different features we wanted to try. I gathered everyone’s ideas and sketches and synthesized them into one simple prototype.

We wanted our app to help people 1. feel comfortable using existing public transit or carpools and 2. find an easy way to connect with other like-minded people. To help people feel more comfortable using existing public transit, we made it easy for them to plan a route. We also included a social feature, so users could meet other riders. If a user would rather carpool, we made it just as simple for them to set their route and select a group to join.

I used the Wirey Wireframe kit for my designs. You can view the Invision Prototype here.


I’m a 20-something UX designer currently living and working in Nashville, TN. I graduated from Watkins College with a BFA in graphic design, and I currently work as a UX designer at an advertising and marketing agency in town.

I’m passionate about creating great work with a human-centered approach. I’ve been trained in lean methodology, and strive to practice it in all of my projects. I’ve handled all aspects of the UX process from research, strategy, recommendations, and design, but I’m most passionate about information architecture and design. If you really want to get inside my head, I’ve begun posting about my process and my UX thoughts on my blog.

If I’m not designing, I’m usually reading, writing, playing video games, or rock climbing. If you want to work together, get in touch